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Everything You Need to Know About OTA Proposals

Other transaction authority also known as OTA allows the government agencies and department of defense to get into other transaction agreements that allow industries to engage in research and production projects. Since the government wants to have state-of-the-art technology, as well as engage in research and development, it where the other transaction agreements come into play. Due to the government procurements regulations, other transaction agreements were created to allow them to get what they want without being limited by the rules. Continue reading to learn how other transactions work.

The main benefit of OTA is the speed, flexibility, and accessibility it brings; the government research and prototype activities that could have taken forever can now be accomplished faster and easier because they have all the resources at their disposal thanks to other transactions. If you have been thinking of applying for an OTA award, you will be glad to learn that your chances of receiving it are magnified provided you haven’t performed any contract subject to full coverage under cost account standards; you must be a non-traditional defense contractor. The OTA award is not only limited to non-traditional defense contractors but institutions that partner with non-traditional defense contractors, those that can justify their use of the OTA to further the purposes of the federal government, as well as those that are providing financial cost-sharing.

Due to government regulations, most research institutions are usually unable to compete within the government sector, a problem that is solved by OTAs, the same way it does in the prototype as well as production processes. Cost-reimbursements OTAs are the types where you are reimbursed the expenses you incurred on a project for the federal government. In case your firm is handling minor research and development for the federal government with a high level of confidence, that is listed under firm-fixed-price OTAs, and they are not as common as cost-reimbursement OTAs.

If you have been wondering about the solicitations methods, you will be glad to know that OTAs can only be solicited through either request for prototype proposals or request for the white paper, highlighting all the factors that may impact the OTA award. When you are ready to submit your request for an OTAs on a project, you will submit it to consortia because that is the firm that the government uses and it is the procedure for you to follow.

The idea that the government is using consortia for OTAs request submission may seem strange to you but it is for your benefit; it shortens the lengthy duration you would have to wait by providing efficiency and flexibility. Since this might be a relatively new concept or field to you, you will get all the help you need from an experienced officer. This is the guide to OTA proposals you should know.

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